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How to Prevent Spray Paint Drips: A Comprehensive Guide
Spray painting can be an efficient and effective method to achieve a smooth, professional-looking finish. However, one of the common issues many individuals face is the dreaded spray paint drip. These drips can mar the finished product, making the object...
Spray Painting Laws For New York
If you are a graffiti artist in New York, you have likely heard of Lady Pink, an iconic figure who achieved fame and fortune through this controversial art form. But did you know she once faced criminal charges for violating spray-painting laws? Fortunately...
Can House Paint Cause Allergies - 4 Warning Symptoms
My love for painting didn’t pass down so well to my little one. While one of my daughters would always be excited every time I started a project in my house, the other fell sick, sometimes so severely that we had to pause and take her to the hospital....
How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Car Hood? The Ultimate Blog
When it comes to car hoods, we all know it’s more than just your engine cover! It’s an expression of your style and personality.  And if you’re someone like me with an eye for aesthetics, a scratched, dented, or faded car hood...
Does Paint Kill Grass? Our Top Three Picks for a Lush Lawn!
If you’re a lawn owner, a beautiful, vibrant, and lush lawn is your pride. But weather constraints or water restrictions can leave your lawn dull and dry.  That’s when most people think of painting their lawns. Sometimes, you may also need to...
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