about us


Learn from our experience

It has been an amazing journey of seven years. Our experience in painting our own house and helping our families and friends get their paint job done has helped us know and learn more about painting indoors and outdoors. 

Spray painting with teenage daughters for their DIY projects has also given us much knowledge on the subject over time.

We want to share our experiences with you through our blog here and tell you what we learned from our mistakes, so you do not make them. 

upcoming projects

As we dip our hands into different paint projects, we plan to tell you more about the new projects. We are hoping to provide you with useful information for your painting projects regarding your house, cars, and furniture as well.

We hope you like our blogs and enjoy reading about paints, their types, and their differences. 

We are currently working on new projects of painting. In doing so, we do our research and find out more through different sources and compile them here for you in an organized fashion.