How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Car Hood? The Ultimate Blog

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When it comes to car hoods, we all know it’s more than just your engine cover! It’s an expression of your style and personality. 

And if you’re someone like me with an eye for aesthetics, a scratched, dented, or faded car hood is probably the last thing you want. 

Since you’re on this page, you may be considering having your hood repainted to keep looking at its best. But how much does it cost to paint a car hood?

The cost of a car hood paint job varies depending on various factors, including the hood, the type of paint you choose, the quality of the work, and whether you choose to DIY or hire a pro. However, you can generally expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $1,000 for a professional paint job.

Since you need to have a budget planned before getting your car hood repainted, I am here with this comprehensive blog.

Ready to learn the factors that affect the cost of a car hood paint job and enjoy some tips on how to get the best possible price? 

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Factors Affecting the Cost of a Car Hood Paint

Multiple factors come into play that can affect the cost of a car hood paint job:

  • The size of your hood/model of your car: Different cars have different sizes of hoods. The larger your hood, the more expensive it will be to paint. 
  • The extent of the damage: Minor damage, like a few scratches or dents, only requires touch-ups and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. But severely damaged hood like that damaged from an accident or hail damaged hood will cost you a lot more than minor dents. You first need to fix the additional repairs before getting your hood repainted, which increases the price exponentially. 
  • The type of paint you choose: The type of paint you choose will also affect the cost of your paint job. For example, premium paint will cost more than standard paint. Moreover, metallic looks would empty your pockets more than solid color paint. 
  • The quality of the work: The quality of the work will also affect the cost of your paint job. A high-quality paint job will cost more than a lower-quality paint job.
  • The location of the body shop/labor cost: The location of the body shop can also affect the cost of your paint job. Body shops in major cities charge more than body shops in rural areas. This is because labor rates vary from region to region due to living costs and economic factors. Moreover, expertise and reputation also affect the price of the labor. Skilled professionals often charge higher for their services. 
  • Customization and artwork: Custom paint designs and artworks are always exciting options for showing off your personality. However, these unique looks come at the cost of more labor wages, creativity, and time, contributing to higher costs. The complexity of designs will finalize the price. You can expect the price for intricate artwork to surpass $2000.
  • Color change: Another factor that makes its place in the list is color change. If you plan to repaint your car hood the same color it is, it won’t cost you as much as changing the color completely might cost you. 
  • DIY vs. professional: If you want to be a little adventurous this time, go ahead! Painting a car hood is a fun job and will save you lots of money, too, compared to professionally painting it (duh!).

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Car Hood? 

First, you need to decide if it’s a DIY job or if you’re hiring a professional. There’s a drastic difference in the price of the two. 

My suggestion: If it’s a simple paint job where you must repaint because your hood is faded or just a few scratches need a touch-up, do it yourself. But if it’s a job that demands a lot of skills, many dents to repair, or your insurance is covering pay for the paint job, hire a professional.  

Here’s a breakdown for each:  

Average Price to Paint Car Hood Yourself

The cost involved in painting the car hood yourself involves the following:

  1. Paint and Primer 

The cost of paint and primer will vary depending on the type of paint you choose and the amount you need. For example, a gallon of high-quality automotive paint can cost around $100. 

For priming the hood, my personal favorite is Rust-Oleum 260510 Automotive 2-in-1 Filler & Sandable Primer. The easy-to-use spray gives a super smooth result and excellent adhesion. The best part? It’s light on the pocket!

And for the paint, I can place my bets without blinking an eye on Dupli-Color Perfect Match Automotive Spray Paint. The paint is specially formulated to exactly match the original factory-applied coating. Just choose your vehicle type from the drop-down menu, and there you have it, a color where you won’t be able to distinguish the touch-ups from the original. 

Here is our list of the 10 best spray paints for car exteriors if you need to explore more options. 

  1. Tools and Supplies

You will also need to purchase some tools and supplies for painting, such as sandpaper, brushes, rollers, and masking tape. These supplies can cost around $50.

  1. Labor

The labor cost of painting a car hood yourself is the time you spend sanding, priming, painting, and clear coating the hood. This can vary depending on your skill level and the time to devote to the project.

So, in total, a DIY car hood painting can cost you anywhere between $100 to $300. This means we can estimate the price to be around $200 on average. 

Average Cost to Paint a Car Hood if You Hire a Professional 

As discussed above, the cost to paint a car hood professionally depends on various factors like the type of paint, quality of the job, the location of the body shop, customization, etc. Here are different price points for car hood paint jobs: 

  • Low-quality paint job: $200 – $500
  • Standard paint job: $500 – $800
  • High-quality paint job: $800 – $1,000

Pros and Cons to Paint Your Car Hood 

Now that you have an idea about how much it costs to paint a car hood, whether it’s a DIY job or hiring a professional, it is always essential to weigh the pros and cons of everything so you can make an informed decision. 

The below tables will help you measure the outcomes and see which one outweighs the other as per your preference. 

Pros and Cons of DIY Car Hood Painting

Less expensiveMay not be able to achieve professional-quality results
More time-consumingRisk of making mistakes
Can customize the paint jobMay need to purchase specialized tools
Can accommodate your scheduleMay not have the expertise or experience to do the job correctly

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional to Paint Your Car Hood

Guaranteed quality resultsMore expensive
Less time-consumingIt can be challenging to find a trustworthy and skilled professional.
No need to purchase specialized toolsMay not be able to accommodate your schedule
Expertise and experienceRisk of damage to your car

Tips for Getting a Better Deal

Whether you’ve planned to do-it-yourself or pay your nearest body shop a visit, here are some tips to help you get the best out of your decision. 

DIY Tips for Painting a Car Hood:

  • Research and invest in quality paint products and equipment to achieve better results and durability.
  • Practice on a test surface before painting your car hood to refine your technique.
  • Properly clean and prepare the surface for the paint to ensure a smooth finish.
  • Follow online tutorials and guides to learn best practices for car painting.
  • Choose a suitable environment with minimal dust and debris for painting.

Tips for Getting a Car Hood Professionally Painted:

  • Get multiple quotes from reputable auto shops to compare prices and services.
  • Look for seasonal discounts or promotions offered by auto body shops.
  • Ask for referrals or read reviews to find a reliable and skilled painter.
  • Consider opting for a local shop instead of big chain establishments for potentially better deals.
  • Inquire about any additional services or packages that might offer better value for money.


Can you repaint just the hood of the car?

Yes, you can repaint just the hood of a car. However, it is important to do the prep work properly so that the new paint will adhere properly.

Can you spray paint a car hood?

Yes, you can spray-paint a car hood. However, it is important to use high-quality paint and apply it in thin, even coats.

How much does it cost to paint a BMW hood?

Since BMW is a luxurious car, the cost to paint a BMW hood is heftier than ordinary car hood painting jobs. You can expect to pay anywhere between $1000 to $1500. 

Can you paint part of a car hood?

Yes, you can paint part of a car hood. However, it is important to mask off the surrounding areas so that the new paint does not get on them.

How much does Maaco charge to paint the hood?

Maaco is a body shop chain known for its lowest price. They can give you a quote anywhere between $200 to $1500 or above. However, I highly recommend reading the reviews of the nearest Maaco franchise, as they have mixed reviews.  

Wrap Up

To sum up, the cost of painting a car hood can vary depending on several factors, such as the paint type, the complexity of the job, and whether you choose to go the DIY route or hire a professional. While painting it yourself may save some bucks, remember that quality tools and products are crucial for a satisfactory outcome. On the other hand, enlisting a skilled professional ensures a polished finish but might come with a slightly heftier price tag. However, in general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $1,000. 

So, whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or seeking the expertise of a pro, take your time, do your research, and make the best choice for your car’s hood transformation. 

Have any questions or personal experiences to share? Drop your comments below – I’d love to hear from you.

Happy painting!

PS: here’s another article to learn about the cost of painting car rims, in case you need it! 🙂

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