10 Best Spray Paint For Car – Buying Guide

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Cars, like any other asset, need constant upkeep. Many people see them as more than just a means of mobility. As car enthusiasts, we understand how heart-wrenching it is to see the color of your vehicle fading or getting scratched. However, a professional recoating of its exterior could necessitate a significant financial investment. 

So how can you restore your vehicle to its former glory while staying within a low budget? Please sit back and perpetuate because we have got you covered today!

For exterior scratches on your vehicle, we have compiled a list of the ten best spray paints. So, say goodbye to irritating scratches on your bumper, hood or other parts.

Just scroll down and check out the product that specifically addresses your issue.

But before that take a look at “Our Top 3 Picks” for the best spray paint for cars.

OUR TOP 3 PICKS OF BEST spray PAINT FOR Car’s exterior



Krylon Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint

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  • Works on almost all surfaces
  • Applicable on the interior, like dashboards or door boards
  • Dries up in less than half an hour
  • Provides a gloss finish to your exterior
  • Strong adhesion to the surface



Spray Paint

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  • Quite friendly on your pocket 
  • Dries up quickly so you can apply multiple coats in less time
  • Provides a shiny finish to your car’s outlook
  • EZ touch tip for your convenience
  • Best value for money



Rust-Oleum Automotive 
Spray Paint

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  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Paint and primer mix so you don’t need to use both separately
  • Enamel based resin gives strong adhesion to car surface
  • Dries up quickly to give results in minimum time 

How Did We Finalize the Products?

The automobile industry is more varied than it has ever been. Because there are so many distinct types of automobiles, picking up any spray paint off the shelf of your local superstore is out of the question.

To provide you with the ideal products, we identified 50 of the highest-rated products and narrowed them down to the top ten best spray paints for your automobile using rigorous rating criteria.

1. Affordability Price

It is the most obvious factor of any consumer purchase. Spray paints are meant to be cost-effective when dealing with minor chips or scratches. So, spending a hefty amount on them does not make any sense. That is why we chose the products that provide you with the most value for money and fall under your budget.

2. Adhesion

Adhesion is an important factor when painting on a metal surface. It provides premium and even coverage to your car’s exterior surface. 

Unless your car is completely rusted, it is highly probable its surface is highly smooth. Regular spray paint will simply run off this smooth, shiny surface; that is why we chose products that have strong adhesive capabilities. 

3. Durability 

A car’s exterior has to face a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis which is why the paint on its surface should be very durable. A durable paint not only saves vulnerable parts like bumpers and fenders from scratches, but it also provides a long-lasting effect that saves you from the hassle of repainting every few months. That is why all the products in our list (even nontoxic ones) are highly durable and long-lasting.

Best Spray Paint for car

Minor road accidents are rising on a daily bases. So to tackle this troublesome situation, you must have quality spray paint on your hand. Otherwise, your car will be in the garage most days of the week.

An advantage of having a spray is that you can carry it around in your trunk, so even if your paint is damaged on a road trip, you will not have to drive around in an ugly-looking vehicle. 

Ready to restore your vehicle’s prior shine? Let’s have a look at our diversified product range. 

1. Krylon Fusion All-in-One – Best Overall

Key Features

  •  All purpose paint
  • Works on both indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Gloss finish for metals
  • Quick drying ability  

What do we like best?

The Krylon Fusion All-In-One 2702 is the jack of all trades. The product apparently works on all surfaces, but its specialty is metals, including cars. It eliminates any need for prior preparations like sanding or priming and provides a bright glossy finish to your vehicle.

In addition, the compound has exceptional adhesive capabilities, which lessens overruns and dripping. Its large, comfortable tip allows precise control at any angle, making it ideal for painting vehicle hoods and other high, out-of-reach spots.

What needs to be improved?

You must apply enough coatings to ensure your lifespan is maintained. After a few months, its layers might begin to flake. The most accessible approach to prevent needing to reapply the coating after just a few months is to utilize the appropriate amount.


  • Provides a gloss finish to the metals
  • Dries up within half an hour
  • Large easy tips make it convenient for hoods
  • Does not require any prior preparation
  • Strong adhesion reduces dripping


  • Not very long-lasting
  • The stream of paint is relatively narrow

2. Dupli-Color Spray Paint – Budget Friendly

Key Features

  • Gloss-type finish
  • Fast drying ability 
  • EZ touch feature
  • 360-degree rotation

What do we like best?

If you are on a tight budget but want to give your car minor touch-ups, this is your go-to choice. The Dupli-color EBUN1007 is the ultimate DIY product for your car, which is very efficient and user-friendly at the same time.

This chemical improves the appearance and shine of your car’s exterior. Moreover, Acrylic lacquer will blend-in seamlessly with your car’s existing color. It features EZ touch technology and a rotating tip that make it easy to use in any direction.

What needs to be improved?

The quantity of paint is too little compared to other competitors. A single can contain about 8 ounces compared to an average of 11 ounces in the competitor’s packs. 


  • Best for budget products
  • Gives the car a new shine
  • EZ touch tips make it convenient to use
  • The rotational tip is very user friendly
  • Dries up in no time


  • Quantity too low compared to other brands
  • Have to buy multiple paints for a big project

3. Rust-Oleum – Automotive Spray Paint – Most Durable

Key Features

  • Works best on metal surfaces
  • Extra adhesion due to primer mix
  • Enamel paint provides a durable coat
  • Dries up in no time

What do we like best?

The Rust-Oleum 271903 Automotive Spray is the best spray paint for cars. It meets all requirements, including drying rapidly, covering a large area, and spraying at an angle to reach tricky parts of your automobiles effectively.

The paint has an enamel base, making its coat durable and long-lasting. Another unique advantage it has over its competitor is the paint and primer combo which reduces the cost and enhances the duration of the product.

What needs to be improved?

If you stay too near to the surface when painting, drips will form. Keep in mind that this product works best when the bottle is at a safe distance from the floor. 


  • Covers a large surface area
  • Provides a durable paint coat
  • Does not require priming
  • Dries up quickly
  • Reduces the cost and duration of your product


  • It can leave drip marks
  • Price is bit on the higher side

4. Dupli- Color – Custom Wraps

Key Features

  • Works best on original paint
  • Lowers UV-exposure
  • Comes with EZ peel technology
  • Protect from wear and tear

What do we like best?

This product is for all car enthusiasts who want to give their car a unique and sporty look. The Dupli Color ECWRC8217 is a custom wrap that can work on any exterior surface of your car, including chrome and plastic. With it, you can cover the whole car or paint sleek lines to make it a perfect head-turner.

Further, unlike the majority of wraps, which may be difficult to peel off, the EZ peel technology it incorporates makes it easy to remove the coating anytime you like without hurting the surface below.

What needs to be improved?

Wrapping a car that doesn’t have factory paint might cause problems. To achieve the best results, apply it on the vehicles that haven’t had any modifications to their original paint or trim.


  • The wrap protects the car from UV rays.
  • Prevents daily wear and tear, providing a fresher look
  • Equipped with EZ peel technology
  • Can work on all exterior surfaces
  • Provides a professional-looking finish


  • Can damage aftermarket painted surfaces
  • Covers a minimal surface area

Note:  If you want durable paint that covers a large surface area, you should go for product number 3.

5. Rust-Oleum Automotive Premium Custom Lacquer Spray Paint- Best for Car Hood

Key Features

  • Provides a rugged finish
  • Dries up quickly
  • Highly durable
  • Works on Chrome surfaces

What do we like best?

Half of the car’s beauty is in its hood. To make it more appealing, Rust-Oleum 323350 is here to assist. Its unique composition makes it ideal for altering the car’s front and rear ends. To provide a long-lasting finish, it coats the surface rapidly and leaves a fairly rugged texture that makes the coating tough without needing frequent reapplication.

It’s simple to make rapid adjustments, making it a must-have for any auto enthusiast. Even if your front grill is chrome, you can employ it to modify its appearance.

What needs to be improved?

The increased roughness that comes with additional ruggedness may turn off some potential buyers. But a few wrinkles should not affect your choice if you want a durable coating. 


  • Provides a long-lasting finish
  • Works well on chrome surfaces
  • Dries up quickly (usually under 20 min)
  • Best for quick customization
  • Resists smudging on body parts


  • Uneven coating
  • The paint can foam if shaken before use

Note:  Details about how to a paint car hood can also be read on our blog page, where you can see this paint is one of the recommended ones. 

Note:  If you want a more premium quality paint, jump right to the last product.

6. PJ1 16- GLS – Scratch Resistant

Key Features

  • Provides hard porcelain finish
  • Works best on black surfaces
  • Prevents chips and scratches
  • Rust and corrosion resistant

What do we like best?

Since we’ve driven a black vehicle before, we know how frustrating it is to tackle the little imperfections like dings and scratches on your car’s exterior. However, with the PJ1 16-GLS, your worries are over!

The product prevents your car from chipping and scratching while providing resistance against rust and corrosion, increasing the paint by many folds. It has a hard porcelain finish, making your car’s surface as shiny as a new one.

What needs to be improved?

This product includes a hard porcelain finish which can take too long to dry. But considering its benefits, waiting a few additional hours is not much to ask.


  • Makes the surface glossy
  • Prevents the surface from scratching or chipping
  • Increases your paint life
  • Resist against rust and corrosion
  • Provides a durable finish


  • Takes too long to dry
  • Price on the higher side

7. VHT Hood, Bumper & Trim Paint – Best for Bumpers

Key Features

  • Provides a satin finish to the surface
  • Works best on bumpers
  • Applicable on interior surfaces
  • Requires prior preparation

What do we like best?

Bumpers are the most vulnerable part of your vehicle. If you drive your car regularly, your bumper won’t stay safe from wear and tear. VHT directly addressed this problem by introducing their VHT Hood, Bumper & Trim Paint, so you never have to put up with ugly bumpers again.

The product offers a satin finish that blends well with the previous paint and does not leave a mark behind. You can also use the product on your interior dashboards if they are the same color. It not only provides you with a fresh coat but also prevents the surface from drying out.

What needs to be improved?

In case the lights and fenders aren’t adequately covered, the paint might go all over them. To prevent paint from getting where it shouldn’t, you must take the necessary precautions to shield such areas.


  • Works best on bumpers
  • Prevents damage on dashboards
  • Blends well with the previous coat
  • Provides a satin finish to the surface
  • Very easy to use


  • Requires a lot of preparation
  • Can spill to other parts of your vehicle

Note: For durable paint that does not require a lot of preparation, choose product number 3.

Note:  Details about how to spray paint car bumpers can also be read on our blog page, where you can read about this process in detail. 

8. Dupli-Color High Performance – Best for Wheels

Key Features

  • Matches the color of your car
  • Company certified brand
  • Performs in a single spray
  • Works best on rims

What do we like best?

Modifying your car’s appearance includes changing the color of its wheels. The Dupli-Color HWP 104 is a perfect choice if you want to give your automobile a sporty appearance, which requires black wheels.

As we know, Dupli is the only brand that is certified by automakers. So, they customize this product specifically to paint the rims of your car. Its acrylic enamel formula completely sticks to the slippery surface of the rim and only requires a single coat to cover the whole surface.  

 What needs to be improved?

A common problem with this product is its defective nozzle which can start dripping mid-process. The manufacturers need to address this issue to stay in line with their high-quality products and services.


  • Only require a single coat
  • Strong acrylic enamel formula
  • Manufacturer-certified product
  • Multiple colors to match your car
  • Evenly distributes on the surface


  • Defective nozzles
  • Takes too long to dry out completely

9. Dupli-Color Vinyl & Fabric – Best for Interior

Key Features

What do we like best?

Worried about your interior dashboard cracking? Don’t worry; Dupli-Color HVP106-6 PK has got you covered. Whether you need to fix up the dashboard or want to repaint the door panels- or change the color of the vinyl seats, you can count on this top-rated spray paint for auto interiors.

It induces strong adhesion and features a self-priming formula, making your work easier and straightforward. The EZ touch conical nozzle further shows attention to detail regarding user convenience. Furthermore, the product is available in multiple colors so that you can customize your interior.

What needs to be improved?

You will have to paint multiple coats if you paint a light color on a darker surface. But as the interior paints are meant to be weak, you can use them for safer and quick drying purposes. 


  • Provides a long-lasting finish
  • Works well on chrome surfaces
  • Dries up quickly (usually under 20 min)
  • Best for quick customization
  • Resists smudging on body parts


  • Requires multiple coats.
  • Smaller quantities according to the color density

Note:  Details about how to paint a car dashboard and leather seats can also be read on our blog page, where you can know about the processes in detail. 

10. Krylon ColorMaxx Spray Paint & Primer – Premium Coverage

Key Features

  • Provides premium coverage
  • Rust resistant
  • EZ touch feature
  • Paint plus primer

What do we like best?

Krylon K05546007 is an excellent choice if you intend to spruce up the appearance of your automobile with spray paint. As a result of iits superior coverage and high adherence, this spray paint stands out for enhancing the look of your car’s existing color scheme.

This product is a combination of primer and paint that will save you time and money in the long run while protecting the value of your vehicle. Further, it is rust-resistant and also features a big EZ touch tip which makes it very dynamic and convenient at the same time. Finally, its potent formula provides extra adhesion, which leads to premium coverage on the surface of your car.

What needs to be improved?

As a premium product, its paint has a potent formula for solid adhesion and even distribution, which results in a more extended drying period. But if you have spent a hefty amount on your car, waiting a few extra hours to retain its grace should not be a problem.


  • Specially made for premium cars.
  • EZ touch tips make it very convenient and user friendly
  • Does not require any prior priming
  • Strong adhesion leads to even distribution
  • Prevents rust on vulnerable surfaces


  • Takes 2-4 hours to dry
  • Higher price

Note: if you cannot afford this product and want to achieve good quality at a lower price, choose product number 2.

Factors that Could Affect your purchase

Each of the aforementioned items comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. If any of them will use on an inappropriate surface, of course, a high-rated one also provides an unintended outcome.

That is why we have developed a buying guide that includes most features that can affect a consumer’s purchase decision.

Paint Stages

Spray paints are divided into two categories regarding their paint stages. One is a single-stage painting, while the other is a two-stage painting.

1.     Single-stage Paint

Most spray paints nowadays are already incorporated with a primer and a lacquer. This mix eliminates the need to prime before you apply the paint itself. That’s why it’s termed “one-stage” paint since the whole process consists of just applying the paint.

We advise using this technique for a small project like removing scratches or customization.

2.     Two-stage Paint

A paint that requires priming beforehand is called two-step paint. Using this paint can increase the duration and cost of your project, so we recommend avoiding it for minor tasks.

But if you want premium coverage for your car, a two-stage paint can provide you with better results.

Types of Resins

Three types of resins stand out from the rest when it comes to automotive paints.

1.    Acrylic Enamel

Acrylic enamel paints are usually water-based paints which are the least toxic. They are great for customization, but if you want to cover a whole bumper or hood, it’s better to use a more robust adhesion paint.

2.    Urethane

Sometimes you desire a quick paint job to cover a scratch that dries up in no time. If that is the case, we recommend using urethane paint as it’s the fastest of the three when it comes to drying up.

3.    Acrylic Lacquer

Lacquer paints give your car the classic shine. They are the most expensive of the bunch and require regular waxing and polishing to keep their shine, so if you are a car enthusiast and passionate about your car, use lacquer paint.

Drying Time

Each painting has its unique drying-up duration. Some dry up in a few minutes, while others take a few hours to a few days. Therefore, quick-drying paints are the best option if you need an immediate fix for minor damage, such as a few scratches or a cracked bumper.

But if the car surface is rusted and needs to be painted from scratch, we recommend using strong premium paints with longer drying durations.


Finally, the most critical factor in a consumer’s decision is the cost of the product. You can easily use cheaper spray paint for your car interior and get on with your day, but you must invest your money wisely for its exterior.

Our suggestion is to pick a low-cost product for parts of the car that will not be seen or are less likely to be damaged and a high-quality alternative for portions that will be visible the most, such as the bumpers, hood, and fenders.


All right, folks! It’s time to wrap up. We have shortlisted the ten best spray paints for your car exterior to save you time and hard-earned money on an inappropriate one. But remember, this list is not exhaustive, and hundreds of products are out there. Our list will serve as a blueprint for which products will fulfil your specific need.

With the help of our extensive buying guide, you can avoid those rookie mistakes that people usually make while purchasing a spray paint remover for t their car.

Finally, to ensure that your tasks go as smoothly as possible, follow our step-by-step instructions for spraying the paint on your vehicle. Remember that automobile maintenance is a priority for enthusiasts, so grab that can and get to work.

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