How Much Does Exterior Paint Increase Home Value

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“Outer beauty is inner beauty made visible.” – Paulo Coelho

There, the most celebrated literary figure said it! And his comprehensive words are enough a reason to give your home’s exterior a shiny new look before listing it up. 

Wondering how much exterior paint increases home value? Here’s the answer.

Painting your home’s exterior is not only a showstopper but also increases your property’s value by a whopping 51% to 55% of the investment. If painting the exterior of your one-story, 1800 sq ft house costs you $5,420, it will offer an $8,400 increase in value. I’d definitely go for these extra three grand!

The blog below discusses everything you need to know about how painting the home’s exterior increases its value, the specific paint colors that increase house value, and much more. 

By the way, a secret lies somewhere between the blog that discloses how to increase your home’s value by 5% to 10% while cutting down the investment even more. Ready to find it? 

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How Much Does Exterior Painting Increase Home Value

We already discussed the ROI you will get on painting your home’s exterior. But how much does it affect your home’s actual value? Let’s dive into that.

HomeGain surveyed in 2012 and interviewed 900 real estate agents. The survey concluded that repainting your house’s exterior will give you a 51% to 55% return on investment (investment means the cost of repainting).

The consumer reports further claim that an enhanced curb appeal will increase 2% to 5% of your property’s original value. 

How Does the Enhanced Home’s Exterior Increase the Value

Recalling the words of Paulo here, the exterior of your home narrates many stories about the inside of the home as well as the people who live in it. It’s your first impression for a buyer and your big chance to make it count. 

Here’s why curb appeal affects the value.

1- Modern Residents

In the era of trendsetting, no one prefers someone who still lives in the 1970s. So why should your homes? A timeless, new look on your curb tells people that you’re living with the age and love to have a modern home. They’re sure to step in. 

2- Well-Maintained Home

If I see chipped corners, I’d sure be suspicious that something fishy is going on behind that wall. Maybe a disaster, a leakage, or whatnot. Save yourself from embarrassment and show the world that you’re well-kept. A spotless house definitely brings in more potential buyers.

Painting the Exterior Has Some Codes Before Listing

If you’re planning to just renovate your home, it’s perfectly alright to go for personal choices. But if you plan to list your home, there’s some code to follow or, in other words, have exterior paint colors that increase home value. 

Below are the dots and dashes of the code you must follow before repainting your house to increase value. 

1- Black Door is the Secret to $6000 Extra 

According to the survey conducted by Zillow, painting the front door of your home black can help you sell your home for an extra $6000 or can increase your home’s value by around 2.9%.

2- Avoid Bright and Bold

You may be a fan of bright and bold colors, and they’re sure to inspire your online fam, but when it comes to reselling, homes painted in bright colors face a hard time selling quickly. Moreover, bright and bold colors like red, blue, orange, or yellow are very personal choices, and not everyone can stand them. 

3- Your Region Matters

People from different regions have different color preferences. Cristina Miguelez, a remodeling specialist at, says, 

“The South likes dark colors, while New England likes coastal hues: white, gray, blue, etc. The Midwest likes neutrals, and the West Coast likes rich tones in green and gray, as well as more vibrant and deep hues in reds and golds.”

4- Play Safe with Neutrals

Not sure which color to pick for your home’s exterior? Neutrals are the best bet in all cases. The timeless colors are sure to impress people from all tastes. Hues like gray, beige, white, taupe, or gray-beige highlight the architectural structure and enhance the curb appeal to attract more buyers. 

5- Solar Panels Can Also Favor You

Though unrelated to the house’s exterior paint, if you have a solar panel installed on your roof, that can do the magic of having more offers on your listings. In fact, it can also increase your home’s value by 4.1%.

6- Compliment the Structure

Living in a Victorian home? The best palette to pick is burgundy, chestnut, maroon, red, brown, or dark green. Have a modern home? Befriend a neutral palette. Every house structure calls for its unique color scheme to complement it the best. 

7- Use Best Quality Paints

Listing your home doesn’t mean you’ll sell it the next day. Make sure when you get your house repainted, never use interior paints for exterior walls. The walls may fade away faster than you think and can start chipping off. Don’t want to put a bad impression on potential buyers, right? 

Did You Just Get Your Home Repainted Recently? 

If you got your home repainted just a couple of years ago, but are now planning to sell it, here’s the secret to increasing its value by 5% to 10% without the hefty investment of repainting it. Get it pressure washed by a reliable company in your hometown. Pressure washing boosts your curb’s apparel and increases the value of your home while ensuring you save time and money at the same time. 

PS: I’ve spilled my secret to a well-kept home without investing big bucks in repainting it and also increasing its value. Comment below if you’re likely to choose this option 🙂


What exterior colors increase home value? 

Five paint colors that add value to home are white, gray, beige, taupe, and sage green. You can opt for more from the neutral color scheme to play safe.

What color house has the highest resale value? 

The answer to this question is the very timeless and the most classy color: White. If your house exterior is painted white with a black front door and window sills, you are more likely to cash out the maximum.

How much does new paint add to home value?

This can be answered in two ways:

  • You can get a 51% to 55% return on investment after repainting your home’s exterior.
  • Your house value has a chance to increase by 2% to 5%.

How else can I increase my home value in 2022?

Other than repainting your home, more things that can help upscale your home’s value are:

  • Decluttering
  • Upgrading front door
  • Having energy-efficient home
  • Updating the interior, especially the kitchen
  • Staging your home

Can I paint my home’s exterior myself?

Yes, you can surely enjoy a DIY project of painting your home’s exterior. You can save some tips on having a flawless exterior without outsourcing the job and spend your hard-earned cash. 

Final Word

Finally – Does house color affect the value of your home? The answer is yes, it does. If you’re calculating the return on investment, there’s a 51% to 55% increase in value, and if you calculate the increase in your house’s value, it would be somewhere between 2% to 5%. No matter how you calculate, an extra 3 to 6 grand doesn’t ever hurt anybody.

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