9 Best Spray Paint For Fabrics – Review

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Whenever a new style emerges, the fashion industry modifies its practices to accommodate it. At this moment, these tendencies are all about using vivid colors and flamboyant patterns. In order to maintain a contemporary demeanor, we need to adopt the prevailing fashions and norms.

Buying a fancy multi-colored shirt from Louis Vuitton sounds all fun until you look at the price. So, would you like to add some colorful glamour to your wardrobe without spending a fortune by relying on your artistic mind alone? Why not!

You can customize your wardrobe by using spray paints. Nowadays, hundreds of specialized fabric spray paints can work well on any fabric without any drippings or overruns.

Plus, these specialized solutions are not confined to clothing only. You can optimize them on your furniture, art canvas, and various DIY projects. For your convenience, we have scoured through the internet and shortlisted the 9 best spray paints for fabrics.

Without any further delay, let’s move to the point of our discussion! 


Best overall

Tulip COLORSHOT Fabric Spray Paint

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  • Comes in a pack of vibrant six colors that stand out on your fabric
  • Does not splatter on cloth, giving it a stable application 
  • Dries up in minutes for you to apply another coat if need be
  • Results are bright

budget friendly

Dupli-Color Vinyl & Fabric Spray Paint

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  • Give you great value for your money
  • Best buy for automotive fabrics 
  • Self-priming formula for saving a bunch of time
  • EZ touch tip for your convenience

long lasting

Rust-Oleum Fabric Spray Paint

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  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Works best on outdoor fabric 
  • Weather resistant- can bear excessive heat and light as well as rain
  • Dries up quickly to give results in minimum time

How Did We Finalize the Products?

Fabric paints are all the rage currently, so manufacturers have responded by releasing hundreds, if not thousands, of different products to fulfill consumer demand.

But not all products are good or even satisfactory. To cast aside the bad ones, we came up with solid rating criteria. From a pool of fifty options, we choose the nine spray paints for fabrics we believe ideal.

Our rating criteria depend upon the following factors:

1. Price

There is no doubt that price is the most significant factor in a consumer’s purchase decision. No matter how good a product is, it is no good to us if it does not fall under our budget. That is why we made sure to list down those products which provide the most value for money in the market. 

2. Vibrancy

Something very unique to fabric colors is their vibrancy. People customize clothes to stand out, so the paints must be as vibrant as possible. If spray paint is not vibrant, using it on a piece of fabric will only do a little for it. For this reason, we relied only on spray paints, which consistently produce brilliant hues regardless of the circumstances.

3. Wash-ability 

Surprisingly, all fabric spray paints are not washable. Some paints are just used to provide quick customization to your outfits. To save you from the trouble of buying temporary paint, we only selected the washable products (machine washable in some cases) that did not fade with washing either.

4. Durability

Every spray paint user is concerned about the paint’s longevity. Some items might appear great right out of the bottle but lose their luster after only one cycle in the washing machine. At the same time, certain paints may begin to chip after just a few months. To save you from all these worries, we shortlisted the products which provide high durability and eliminate the need for frequent repainting.

Best Spray Paint for Fabrics

Your clothes play a big role in shaping your personality. Giving them a little color will not only improve your fashion but will also have a positive impact on your overall image. There is nothing better than spray paint to customize your attire and give them a little more life. 

As we stated above, fabric spray paints are not just limited to your wardrobe. They are very useful in other aspects as well, like painting your patio and upholstery. In this article, we will go through the best spray paints for garments that have been tested and shown to work well with a wide range of materials.

1. Tulip COLORSHOT Fabric Spray Paint- Best Overall

Key Features

  • Works on all fabrics
  • Gets absorbed quickly
  • Variety for vibrant colors
  • Quick drying ability  

What do we like best?

Nobody likes a monotone fabric. A variety of colors is what makes painting on a fabric fun, and no product provides more variety than Tulip ColorShot Maxcolor. The product comes in six 3 ounces bottles, each providing a different yet equally vibrant color.

This product works on virtually all fabrics, including your daily wear. It also gets absorbed quickly, which reduces splattering and dries up soon with a soft finish. So if you want the paint to make your bland, boring white shirts a little more fun, this is your product to buy.

What needs to be improved?

The sizes of the bottles are small, which means they carry a small amount of paint that can be a nuisance. But if you are doing a multi-colored project, the total amount of paint in each bottle would be more than enough to attain desired outcomes.


  • Contain a variety of colors
  • Each paint color is unique and vibrant
  • Dries up in no time
  • Gets absorbed quickly
  • Works on all types of fabrics


  • A small amount of paint per bottle
  • Gives out a strong odor

Note: If you want an odorless paint with non-toxic formula jump straight to our product number 6

2. Dupli-Color Vinyl & Fabric Spray Paint – Budget Friendly

Key Features

  • Best Budgeted 
  • Features EZ Touch conical nozzle
  • Paint and primer mix
  • Works on multiple surfaces

What do we like best?

This product is for all car lovers. It’s an excellent fluid if you want to customize your car interior while staying on a tight budget. The Dupli-Color HVP106 is a specialized automotive interior paint that works on your seats, dash, and other interior fabrics. 

It offers a variety of colors from beige, red, and wooden to classic black, which gives your car a premium look; on top of all that, it does not require any primer, which is always suitable for interior paints. Finally, the EZ tip makes it convenient to use on door boards and other hard-to-access areas of your car’s interior.

What needs to be improved?

Like many other products from Dupli Color products, the tip is up to par with their high standards. It can malfunction during painting, leading to dripping.


  • Highly budget friendly
  • Works best on car interiors
  • Does not require priming
  • Comes with the EZ touch feature
  • Gives your car interior a premium look


  • Tip can malfunction
  • Does not cover a large surface area

Note:  Details about painting your car leather seats can be read in detail here. Read and find out the step-by-step guide to painting your leather seats.

3. Rust-Oleum Fabric Spray Paint – Long Lasting

Key Features

  • Polyurethane formula 
  • UV resistant
  • Prevents fading
  • Provides softer touch

What do we like best?

This product is a lifesaver for someone who has to paint their patio every few months. The Rust-Oleum 358839 is made to withstand harsh weather and intense UV rays of the sun, so it can provide long-lasting paint and free you from the hassle of repainting frequently.

It has a potent polyurethane formula which prevents the paint from fading. The paint also provides soft touch while being water-repellent, a unique quality. So you don’t have to compromise between a hard surface and a durable paint.

What needs to be improved?

The product carries less amount of paint than expected. The size of the bottle is standard, but the amount of paint seems less because of its thick consistency.


  • Best for outdoor furniture
  • Provides a long-lasting effect
  • Dries up within an hour
  • Protects the surface from harsh weather
  • Provides the surface with a soft touch finish


  • The amount of paint is less than expected
  • The thick consistency makes it hard to work with

4. Tulip COLORSHOT Instant Fabric Color – Best for Jeans

Key Features

  • Blends in fabric 
  • Dries up quickly
  • Soft to touch 
  • Even coverage

What do we like best?

Denim jeans are one of the most common pieces of clothing nowadays. Everybody has at least a couple of pairs in their wardrobe, but their color can fade with time (especially the black ones). That is where the Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color comes in handy.

It can do wonders for your denim jeans as it blends right in with the fabric and spreads evenly while making it hard to distinguish from the original color. So, if you want to modify the appearance of your denim or add some personal flair by dying them a different color, Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color is all you need.

What needs to be improved?

The packaging size is too small to cover a large piece of clothing. But if you want to give your jeans a fresh look, a single can will be enough to serve your purpose.


  • Works best on synthetic fabric like jeans
  • Provides even coverage
  • Does not splatter
  • Blends in well with the fabric
  • Provides a soft touch


  • Small packaging size
  • Covers a small surface area

Note:  Details about how to paint jeans can also be read on our blog page, where you can know what are the steps to prep jeans for a long-lasting paint art. 

5. Tulip Fabric Spray Paint – Best for T-Shirts

Key Features

  • Comes in a pack of 7 
  • Easy-to-use bottles
  • Permanent fabric paints
  • Dried paint does not spread or fade after washing

What do we like best?

Are you done wearing plain black or white t-shirts? Well, it’s time to give your wardrobe a little fun color. The Tulip Fabric Spray Paint comes in a pack of seven bright colors that can be used individually or in combination.

This solution integrates into the costume and ultimately becomes a part of it. Further, it can’t be scratched off or worn away by detergent or water. The seven varieties of paint are packaged in a variety of child-friendly containers. So, if you’re searching for kid-friendly paint that won’t harm them while they’re having fun, look no further than Tulip Fabric Spray Paint.

What needs to be improved?

The paint can get chipped away if washed with a fabric softener, which can be problematic as some clothes demand softeners. Avoid using this product on those fabrics so you don’t have to face this issue.


  • Works best on light-colored t-shirts
  • Provides a variety of color
  • Gets enriched in your fabric
  • Don’t fade with washing
  • Children friendly


  • Chips with fabric softener
  • Small size and less quantity

Note: To get a more durable paint with a long lasting effect go straight to product number 3 of our list

6. Tulip Fabric Spray Sets – Best Neon Shades

Key Features

  • Non-toxic formula
  • Does not contain air
  • EZ touch nozzle
  • Washable and iron-safe

What do we like best?

Neon paints are pretty helpful in fabric painting, especially regarding school projects. However, not all paints are suitable for kids, which is where the Tulip Fabric Spray Sets 29849 excels above its rivals. Its EZ tip makes it convenient for youngsters as well as adults, and its harmless composition is not detrimental to health.

The bright neon paint looks vibrant on any background, including dark surfaces. In contrast to most other neon items, this one can also be washed and ironed.

What needs to be improved?

The color will ultimately become brilliant, but if you are personalizing the entire shirt with a single color, the quantity may be an issue.


  • It can be washed and iron
  • Provides vibrant colors
  • Comes in a pack of seven
  • The paint does not splatter
  • Does not spray pollutants into the air


  • Requires multiple coats on a darker surface
  • Less quantity per color

7. Krylon Glitter Spray – Best Glitter Effect

Key Features

  • Works on all fabrics 
  • Best for a DIY project
  • Provides a magical finish
  • Washable

What do we like best?

There are not many things as cool as a glittered shirt or jeans. Magic finish jeans cost a lot, but you can easily do it by using the Krylon 100405. It is painted from Krylon’s line up which is always reliable and works on virtually all kinds of fabrics.

The product comes in sixteen colors and provides your fabric with a 3-D finish. It has strong adhesion and sticks right to the surface, forming a solid permanent layer. Unlike other glitter paints, this one can be washed and cleaned.

What needs to be improved?

Product drying time is long because of the glitter paint’s strong sticky composition. Nevertheless, practically all glittery paints have this issue, so the tradeoff is not that severe.


  • Washable (by hand)
  • Stick right to the fabric
  • Provides a 3-D finish to the fabric
  • It is perfect for all shimmery DIY projects
  • Glitter does not fade


  • Takes a lot of time to dry up
  • It can be a little hard to work with due to viscosity

8. Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint – Best Metallic Effect

Key Features

  • Provides a flawleess metallic finish
  • Does not fade
  • Works on dark surfaces
  • Machine washable

What do we like best?

Sometimes you want to throw your customized cloth in the washing machine without worrying about its color being chipped off. Tulip Dimensional 17372 fabric paint is so long-lasting that it won’t fade or chip, even after being washed in a washing machine.

The product provides a bright metallic finish, providing a glossy look to the surface. The paint is durable because it soaks into the fabric within minutes of application. Once it dries up, the paint becomes a permanent part of the fabric and does not fade for a long time.

What needs to be improved?

The actual colors may somewhat differ from what is
stated. The shade can be a little lighter or darker, depending on the color you
are using. So it is better to always test the paint before buying if you need
more diversity in your color scheme.


  • Can be washed in the machine
  • Does not fade with time
  • Provides a glossy finish
  • The durability makes the paint long-lasting
  • Variety of colors


  • Colors can differ slightly
  • The price is a little higher

Note: If you are tight on budget and cannot afford this paint you can always go for our number 2 product which is budget friendly and provides satisfactory results

9. Tulip Color Shot Instant Fabric Spray Paint – Best for Upholstery

Key Features

  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Does not splatter
  • Dries up quickly
  • Permanent on the surface

What do we like best?

Upholstery is a hard job, but it can be a fun hobby for anyone with a knack for painting. However, it’s not advisable to do massive undertakings and purchase huge quantities of paint just for fun; this is where Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color Interior Upholstery comes in.

The spray paint is very convenient for a small DIY project and works on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. It is specialized to perform indoor upholstery projects. Further, the solution also dries up quickly; once it has fully settled in, it will not crack or peel for a very long time.

What needs to be improved?

Its use is restricted by the fact that each can covers just one yard. But you won’t find a better fabric spray paint at this pricing point if your project is on the smaller side.


  • Best for small DIY upholstery projects
  • Does not crack or peel after settling in
  • Dries up in thirty minutes
  • Works on both natural and synthetic surfaces
  • Specialized in indoor painting projects


  • Covers a small surface area
  • Compared to the size, it is a bit high-priced

Tips to Use Spray Paint on Fabrics

We have provided you with the best list of spray paints for fabrics. But even the best product will not perform well if you don’t know how to use it. To make things go more smoothly, we will also provide you with some tips for maximizing your productivity and avoiding common rookie errors.

  • The first and most important thing to do is to read the directions. Without the proper surface, even the finest paint will fail. If you want to be sure you’re getting the most out of a product, read the directions first.
  • Try to use the product on fabric that has a lighter shade than the paint itself. That way, you will use considerably less amount of the product.
  • Wash the fabric before spraying the paint to remove any other stains, but avoid using any fabric softener.
  • Iron the fabric to get an even surface for painting. In this way, you will clear out all the wrinkles, which can be a hurdle.
  • If you are a beginner, go for simpler styles. Instead of trying to paint a complex character or image, just randomly use a mixture of colors and paint them in a circular motion or a consistent pattern.
  • Test the paint with a small spray on the inner side of the fabric; this will give you an idea of how the color will look, and you can change or keep that shade based on that.
  • If you are painting a design that covers a specific part of the fabric, it is wise to cover the rest so the paint does not splatter on the rest of the surface.

  • Place the fabric on cardboard or wood so in case the paint bleeds through, it won’t damage the other side.

  • Choose a robust and durable formula for painting on outdoor furniture fabric and use multiple coats. Once you are done, give it ample time to dry up, so the paint completely soaks in the surface.
  • Finally, when the paint is all dried up, turn the fabric upside down and iron it lightly, making it permanent.

How to Choose a Spray Paint to Customize Your Attire?

To put it simply, not all items are made equally. There are situations in which one product excels over another. Do not waste your time or money by trying to use the appropriate product in the incorrect setting.

Below, we will mention some crucial considerations that will aid you in selecting the best product based on your situation.

Type of the Surface

There are countless fabric types, and all spray paints perform differently on each one. Go through the product’s specifications (including the color and formula) to get the right product for your project.

Some products work well on softer fabrics like shirts or jeans, while others are specialized in outdoor furniture padding. So make sure the product you buy is in line with the type of project you are doing.


Viscosity is a significant factor when it comes to spray paints for fabrics. Usually, fabric paints are somewhat fluid, so their viscosity is relatively low. But in case you are using glitter or metallic paint, you will encounter a totally different type of composition. Further, the viscosity of the paint also hugely affects its drying time.

 A viscous paint takes more time to dry up compared to water-based paint. So for soft fabrics like clothing, thinned paint works better, but for magic finishes, go for viscous paint.


Opacity refers to the ability to hide the surface underneath. The more opaque the paint is, the less you will have to use it. In the case of light-colored fabrics like white, opacity is not an issue, but if the fabric is dark-colored, we recommend going with opaque paint.

 Using opaque paint will not only make your job a lot easier but will also reduce the cost of your project because you will not have to paint as many coats.

Type of Applicator

Spray paints push out the paint in a narrow stream. There are two ways to achieve the pressure required to push out the paint, either by a pump sprayer or an aerosol can. In the case of an aerosol can, the paint is mixed with a propellant and is packaged under pressure to come out as a fine mist. The propellant is not very environmentally friendly and causes problems for asthmatic patients.

That is why we recommend using a pump sprayer. A pump sprayer does not contain any toxic chemicals and provides you with excellent control over the paint stream. Its dribbling effect can also be used to create unique designs, which makes it fun to use.


We have provided you with the list of the 9 best spray paints for fabrics which covers almost all types of fabrics and most finishes of paints. Our strict rating criteria ensure that no flawed product seeps through, and you only get the best.

But remember, this list is not exhaustive. These products may be the best, but you need to know how to use them to get maximum results. That’s why we laid down some guidelines for a painless application process—so you can skip right over the learning curve.

Finally, our buying guide will help you select the paint best suits your project. So go grab that brush, start customizing your jeans and t-shirts and become an instant sensation among your peers!

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