How Long Does Chalk Paint Take To Dry – Things You Must Know

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I didn’t know chalk paints existed until my neighbour told me about them. They had recently painted their house, which was a sight to watch. I couldn’t resist trying out this incredibly vibrant chalk paint look, and thus I pulled out my car and headed to the store to buy some chalk paint.

Chalk paint will take about 15 minutes to dry but makes you wait an entire day; that is, 24 hours in between, you can apply a second coat or top it up with wax.  

My money went down the drain. I ruined how my walls previously looked. It took a couple of weeks to fix the mess I had created, but all I wished for was that if I had known how long to wait between coats, the picture would’ve been much better.

How long does chalk paint take to dry?

Chalk paint is one of the fastest-drying wall paints. It dries to touch within 15 minutes of application and takes about a day to cure fully. The rule is to wait 24 hours before applying the next coat. 

However, numerous other factors can make chalk paint dry faster or slower than average. The thickness of your paint coat also affects the time it will require to dry completely. A thick layer dries slower, while a thin layer dries faster. Moreover, humidity levels, temperature, and exposure to sunlight can also affect the drying time of your paint. 

Does chalk paint dry darker or lighter?

Paints dry the same color they are presented in the sample. They may appear darker in the shade due to the wetness of the paint, but once they have completely dried, they will match the original shade.

Chalk paints appear to dry lighter because they are matte finish type. Such paints are non-reflective and absorb most of the light, making them appear dull. Chalk paints, exterior paints, and eggshell paints are some types of paints that become lighter on drying. 

How to Use Chalk Paint correctly – Things to know

Before you get your hands on the expensive chalk paints, here are a few things you need to know. We don’t want your money going down the drain and your happy DIY family painting day turning into a bad one.

  • Wipe down the dust off the surface with a damp cloth
  • Sand out slippery or laminate surfaces to ensure adequate adhesion
  • Dry the paint appropriately before the second coat or the wax top coat.
  • Wax your paint for longevity and protection.

Waxing Chalk Paint

As the name suggests, chalk paints leave a dry texture. If that seems boring, you can apply wax as a top coat, which you will find at the same store you purchased your chalk paint. This buttery consistency wax will not only add shine but also protect the paint from daily wear and tear. Moreover, a waxed surface can easily be cleaned compared to bare chalk paint.

Chalk paints on different surfaces

Just like all paints, chalk paints behave differently on different surfaces. However, the best part is that they do not require special prepping. Chalk paints can be applied directly to any surface.

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Metal 24 HoursChalk paint can easily be applied on metallic surfaces. It will dry out in about an hour, but make sure you let it sit for a long time to adhere to the surface completely. A metallic surface requires a minimum of 2 paint coats. If you don’t know how long chalk paint should dry before applying polycrylic, let me tell you, the final coat must also sit for another 24 hours.
Wood1-3 HoursWooden surfaces absorb more paint if they aren’t prepped and primed. It is natural to wonder how long chalk paint takes to dry on wood. It takes about 1 – 3 hours, depending on how much paint the wood has absorbed. Painting furniture with chalk paint can create an outstanding finish if you remember to follow the rule of 24 hours gap between coats.
Concrete 15 – 20 MinutesWalls are usually made up of concrete. Chalk paint dries within 15 minutes after a coat is applied to the concrete. No special prepping or expensive primers are needed. Chalk paints can work equally efficiently on their own.
Glass24 HoursLike metal, concrete, and wood, chalk paints are used over glass, too. Glass is a smooth and slippery surface; many wonder whether you sand between coats of chalk paint or before you begin applying the first quote. Since paint from glass chips off quicker, sanding makes it last longer, and thus we recommend you do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does chalk paint take to dry completely?

Chalk paint dries quickly after application. It takes about 15 minutes for the chalk paint to dry. However, you must wait 24 hours between painting the second coat to ensure that the paint has properly adhered to the surface and the moisture has evaporated. 

How many coats of chalk paint are needed?

Ideally, you need two coats of chalk paint to achieve your desired color. However, painting a light color such as white or off-white over dark surfaces may ask for a third coat of paint.

Do you need to seal after chalk paint?

Yes! It would be best to seal the chalk paint, so it is not exposed to the natural distressing and regular wear and tear. Chalk paints are vulnerable and require a seal, usually a protective top coat of wax, to make them last a while.

Final Words

Irrespective of the paint you use to give your house a personal artistic touch, patience serves as the most important key. Especially when it comes to chalk paints, waiting the entire day is worth it. Do not repeat the mistakes I made. Make sure you know how long chalk paint takes to dry between coats and how long chalk paint should dry before applying wax.

If you’re a beginner looking for a guide to painting, check out my blog on if chalk paint be used on outside furniture or the best temperature and humidity for painting your interior and the best time of the year to paint. Happy painting!

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