8 Best Automotive Paint Guns – Product Review

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Painting a car seems like a troublesome job for a mechanic to a layman. But for a car enthusiast, the paint finish on his car holds the utmost importance. Even if you are not enthusiastic about auto motives, having a scratched-up vehicle is not ideal for your vehicle’s life span. However, painting a car can be a difficult and tiring job, and there is where spray paint guns enter the conversation.

A spray paint gun is ideal for your automotive exterior (car or motorbike). It provides a professional finish and reduces your time and effort significantly. Most people think spray guns are just for professionals, which is simply not true; there are hundreds of spray guns in the market that are perfect for beginners and DIY projects.

Now the question arises, which paint gun to buy? To address your worry, we have developed a list of the eight best automotive paint guns so you can avoid ending up with a flawed product. All these guns are beginner friendly and very ideal for DIY projects.


Best overall

DeVilbiss 803558 Finishline 4 FLG-67

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  • High quality and premium product 
  • Highly durable and lasts long
  • Gives a precise paint flow for a perfect end result
  • High quality finish

budget friendly

Astro Pneumatic Tool 4008

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  • Give you great value for your money
  • Comes with an anti-slip feature 
  • Ergonomics design with adjustable wide fan
  • One year warranty to help you make the best buying decision

most versitile

3M Performance Spray Gun

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  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Works best on outdoor fabric 
  • Weather resistant- can bear excessive heat and light as well as rain
  • Dries up quickly to give results in minimum time


As mentioned before, there are hundreds of paint guns out there that are claimed to be user-friendly. But the truth is not all products are up to par, or even if they are high quality, they are not convenient enough to be used by a layman. That is why we came up with strict rating criteria to list the best automotive spray, and only eight products made the cut. Our rating criteria included the following factors.

1. Affordability

Paint guns are costly. They are primarily used for commercial purposes in garages, so finding a spray gun that provides a professional finish and fits an ordinary consumer’s budget takes a lot of work. But we made sure to include paint guns of varying prices to satisfy a diverse audience’s needs. All the spray guns are value to money (some more than others) and will most likely fit under your tight budget.

2. User-Friendly

Most paint guns are meant to be handled by professionals so they can be more friendly to beginners. They include settings that will be of no use to an inexperienced consumer who only wants to give his automotive a few touch-ups. So we scoured the internet to come up with the list of best automotive paint guns, which are the most beginners friendly and do not require a lot of experience.

3. Handling and Convenience

Handling was a big concern in our rating criteria. Many guns are very high quality and reasonably priced, but they could be more user-friendly for a beginner. This is because of their complex handling, which makes them inconvenient. So we made sure to find the best user-friendly spray guns that do not punish your hand for wanting to have a good-looking car.


Once you are assured of our rating criteria, we can finally move to the list. But before that, keep in mind that all these products have their pros and cons. our top pick may not necessarily fit your project the best, so scroll down and read the specs of each product to find out which one is the best for your DIY project and gives your car the best finish.

1. DeVilbiss 803558 Finishline 4 FLG-670 – Best Overall

Key Features

  • Aluminum body makes it light weight
  • Even coverage provides a premium look
  • Highly compatible with most paints
  • Anodized body eases the cleaning process

What do we like best?

This is the ultimate spray paint gun for any automotive lover. The DeVilbiss 803558 Finishline may be a DIY product for any regular consumer, but its premium finish and even coverage are comparable to any paint job with a professional gun. It features dynamic air control, providing even coverage and better results.

The product does not lack in any department (hence it is our number one pic). It has an anodized aluminum body (both interior and exterior) which reduces rust and other chemical reactions and significantly increases the product’s life. The anodized surface also makes it very easy to clean without leaving a lot of stains.

Many latex-based and urethane paints are very thick and can cause problems if used by them. So to get the best result from this product, you will need to use a paint solvent to get the right thickness.

What needs to be improved?

The product is slightly more advanced than other products on our list. It can cause problems for a first-time user. But it will be fine if you have essential experience with a paint gun or even read the instructions carefully.


  • Air dynamics provide even distribution
  • It provides a high-quality finish
  • The aluminum body makes it convenient to use
  • Anodized coverage is easy to clean
  • Best for a DIY project


  • Highly-priced
  • Requires a solvent with thick paints

2. Astro Pneumatic Tool 4008 – Budget Friendly

Key Features

  • All-purpose spray gun (works with most paints) 
  • Easy to clean
  • Dripless cup reduces the mess
  • Fully adjustable fan is very convenient

What do we like best?

No one would like to spend a hefty amount on a spray gun if they are a beginner. But if you go for a cheaper product, there is a high chance you will end up with a low-quality product. To save you from the hassle, we present to you the Astro Pneumatic Tool 4008, which fits under your tight budget and does not compromise on quality whatsoever.

The product features special anti-spill features that prevent the paint from spilling at the angle you spray. The product also has an adjustable fan, allowing maximum coverage of up to 11 inches by an 8-inch distance.

The product contains a three-hp compressor which allows it to spray paint at 50 to 60 psi, allowing a quality finish even with dense colors.

What needs to be improved?

The product could be more convenient for professional use because of its small filling size. But this list is about spray guns for beginners, and the filling size is enough to satisfy any DIY project needs for relatively small projects.


  • Provides great ergonomics
  • Lightweight and convenient to use
  • Does not spill any paint
  • Adjustable fan width
  • Works excellent with dense paints


  • Small filling size
  • Not ideal for professional use

3. 3M Performance Spray Gun – Most Versatile

Key Features

  • Adjustable fan pattern provides an even flow
  • Highly efficient paint spread
  • Durable and long lasting body
  • Convenient to use due to EZ tip

What do we like best?

As a beginner in automotive paint, you need to gain more knowledge about spray guns and want a product that contains everything you will require for a project; the 3M performance spray kit checks all these boxes. It is a highly durable paint gun that provides a precision spray performance through adjustable fan patterns.

The mantra of 3M, “everything is replaceable,” completely fits this product as it is equipped with five different-sized nozzles. So you save time cleaning the paint and replacing the nozzle to complete your project. The product also supports the full range of automotive colors, including latex, metallic, and primers.

Finally, the product is equipped with PPS 2.0 system, which provides 360-degree coverage and makes the product very easy to use, even for inexperienced painters.

What needs to be improved?

The downside of having a high-quality product is that it is costly. But considering the product’s durability and the fact that you can replace the damaged parts, the higher price is justifiable.


  • Replaceable nozzles save a lot of time
  • Works with all automotive paints
  • Very convenient to use
  • Impact resistant gun
  • Very paint efficient


  • Very high price
  • Kit does not include a compressor

Note: If you are looking for a paint sprayer that is easy on your pockets you can opt for number 2 on our list, or on number 4 for two guns in one deal.

4. Campbell Hausfeld DH420000AV Paint Spraying Kit – Two Guns

Key Features

  • Contains two guns of different sizes
  • Convertible siphon speed gun
  • Internal and external speed air caps
  • Provides great value for money

What do we like best?

Everyone is attracted to a good deal, and if you are looking for a spray paint gun getting two for the price of one seems highly unlikely. But the paint gun kit DH42000 by Campbell Hausfeld is precisely that. It includes everything you need to paint your automobile, including two different-sized guns.

One gun has a 1.4 mm tip, and the other contains a 0.8 mm tip. Both guns consume about 2.1 CFM and 1.4 CFM of air, respectively. The smaller gun has a capacity of 120 ml, while the larger one can fill up 550 ml. even with a small air intake and less paint, these guns can produce 40 psi of air pressure.

You can buy each gun separately, but choose the whole kit as it will provide a lot more value for money, and you will get accessories like paint filters, cleaning brushes, PTFE paint thread, and a wrench, among other things.

What needs to be improved?

The paint guns are high quality, but the quality of the kit itself is substandard. It is a plastic casing that is not very long-lasting, so we suggest taking out all the accessories and storing them in a different box.


  • Provides excellent value for money
  • Includes two guns
  • Produces high pressure with less air intake
  • It comes with extra accessories
  • Minimal wastage


  • Low-quality casing
  • Accessories require prior experience

5. DEWALT Latex Paint Sprayer – Small Spots Specialist

Key Features

  • Aluminum body makes it lightweight
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • 1000 ml paint canister
  • 90 days money back guarantee

What do we like best?

Sometimes you don’t need to paint the whole car or a significant part; instead, you want to cover up minor damages, which require a lot of time and attention to detail. Painting minor damages can be frustrating and complex, but the Dewalt latex paint sprayer throws these issues out of the window.

As the name suggests, it is a high-volume, low-pressure (45psi) gun that helps paint a precise and manageable amount. The coverage is also 6.5 inches which further adds to its precision. The gun has an aluminum body with an excellent grip, making it very user-friendly and easy to use.

The product is not limited to small parts; its lightweight body with a large canister size (1000 ml) comes in handy when painting large automobile parts, like a bumper or a hood.

What needs to be improved?

This product comes with an anti-drip feature which reduces its paint efficiency and can cause a mess. But a few paint stains are not a big ask for small DIY projects.


  • Long-lasting aluminum body
  • It comes with a three-year warranty
  • Large canister size
  • Provides manageable coverage
  • 90 day money back guarantee


  • No anti-drip feature
  • Slightly pricy

Note: If you want a budgetted gun which does not drip go bacl

6. DEWALT HVLP Spray Gun – Lightweight

Key Features

  • Atomized paint spraying provides even distribution
  • 30 psi pressure is convenient for small parts
  • 600 ml canister makes it lightweight
  • Comes with a three years warranty

What do we like best?

Any beginner would prefer to work with a lightweight spray paint gun for their automotive instead of a heavier one. If you are working on motorbikes, you would like less air pressure and a small gun. To tend to your needs, Dewalt introduced their HVLP spray paint gun.

The paint gun’s whole body is made of aluminum, making it very lightweight and long-lasting. The compact design and small canister size further add to its convenience. The gun also gives you complete control over the airflow; three different dials on the gun’s body control airflow, spray width, and paint flow, respectively.

Like the other Dewalt product on our list, this one also comes with a three-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee without any questions.

What needs to be improved?

The gun is gravity fed, which means you will lose liquid if you tilt it too much. But if you are working on a motorbike that does not require a lot of different angled painting, this is your product to buy.


  • Small compact size
  • Provides control over airflow
  • Spray atomized paint for better coverage
  • Low pressure makes it convenient for beginners
  • It comes with a three-year warranty


  • Gravity fed gun
  • Small canister size

7. DeVilbiss 802343 – Paint/Priming Kit

Key Features

  • Contains two guns for painting and priming
  • Include a high quality cleaning kit
  • Multiple tips (each of different size)
  • Best for priming if you are using a gun

What do we like best?

Getting two guns for the price of one may be a good purchase, but it is rare that a kit includes a gun just for the sole purpose of priming or sealing a coat. The Devilbiss 802343 start line kit provides everything an automotive spray painter would ever want. It has two guns, one for priming coats and the other for base coats.

Having a different gun for priming reduces the project’s duration massively, as you do not have to clean your gun after every step of painting. But even if you do, Devilbiss has you covered, and they include a high-quality cleaning kit in the package so you can take care of your guns and work with them long-term.

Each gun also comes with three tips which further reduce your cost and effort. Finally, these guns are diverse and can work with any paint or sealing coat.

What needs to be improved?

Many complaints have that these guns could be much higher quality. But if you are someone who uses paint guns rarely and takes good care of them, quality will be a minor factor.


  • Works with all types of paint
  • A different gun for priming
  • It contains a storage case
  • It comes with a quality cleaning kit
  • Value for money


  • Low-quality guns
  • Compromised long-term durability

Note: If you want a high quality gun which lasts for a long time go right to our top pick which is product number 1.

8. NEIKO 31207A HVLP Mini – Easy to use

Key Features

  • Minimal sized gun is convenient
  • Adjustable airflow is very user friendly
  • Stainless steel nozzle lasts very long
  • 125 ml capacity makes it lightweight

What do we like best?

A daily driven car is sure to have its fair share of wear and tear; scratches and chipped bumpers are very common among these cars. No car user wants to buy a big paint gun that will take up a lot of space to tend to these minor scratches. To address these problems, Neiko introduced their 31207A HVLP mini-paint gun.

The product is very small-sized, with a canister capacity of only 125 ml which is more than enough to give the car some minor touch-ups. But the small size of this paint gun does not limit its functionality. The stainless steel nozzle makes it compatible with various paints for a wide range of projects.

The spray gun has a low-pressure nozzle (50 psi) which provides even distribution on the surface, and along with its adjustable paint flow, you can change your car back to its original glory.

What needs to be improved?

The body is made of stainless steel, making it heavy for its size. The size-to-weight ratio can cause a problem with handling. But if you use this gun for minor touch-ups, handling will not be much of an issue.


  • Small sized gun
  • Low-pressure nozzle provides an even distribution
  • Adjustable paint flow is convenient
  • Works with a variety of paints
  • The stainless steel nozzle is very durable


  • Weight to size ratio makes it difficult to handle
  • Small canister size

Note: To get an ample sized gun with great handling go right to product number 3.


Now that you have gone through the list of the eight best automotive paint guns, you should be able to decide which one suits you the best. Once you decide on the paint and the gun, the next step is painting. To make your process as smooth as possible, we will provide tips to achieve the best results and avoid running into a beginner’s problem.

  • Develop the habit of cleaning your gun every time before you start painting and clean it as soon as you are done painting. This habit will benefit you in countless ways. First, your gun will last much longer; secondly, you will not risk mixing the old paint with the new one and ruining your automotive surface.
  • Change the nozzle regularly. Most guns come with multiple nozzles, and the number of coats per nozzle is mentioned on the box; if not, a good thumb rule is to change the nozzle after 5 to 7 coats of paint.
  • Finally, if you are considering buying or using a second handgun, try tearing it apart as the manufacturer instructed. If it is difficult to take apart, save time and find a better gun


The tips mentioned above will only work if you buy the right product. All the products in our list stand out from their competition for one reason or another. But that does not mean each one will provide you with the desired results. Even the best product can save the project if you use it on a suitable surface. To avoid this issue, we will provide you with a buying guide consisting of significant factors you need to consider before buying an automotive spray paint gun.

Type of Feed

There are usually two types of automotive spray guns, siphon guns or gravity-feeding guns. Both perform differently under different circumstances. For example, gravity-feed guns provide a better finish but are more vulnerable to dripping. On the other hand, siphon guns do not splatter or drip paint.

So if you are painting on a bumper or a door that does not require different angles go with the better finish gravity feed gun, and if you are working under the car or hard-to-reach parts, choose a siphon gun.

Spraying Nozzle

A spraying nozzle is solely responsible for providing an evenly painted surface. Most products come with a spray nozzle, while others don’t. If you choose a gun without a spray nozzle, you will have to pay extra to buy one, so it is always better to choose a weapon that comes with its specialized nozzle.

Some automotive spray guns or paint kits have multiple nozzles of different sizes. We recommend getting a kit with numerous nozzles to reduce your time and effort on the project.

Air Compression

Spray guns require an air compressor to force paint out through air pressure. But all guns have a certain level of air pressure. If you already own a compressor, make sure the gun you buy is compatible with it; otherwise, it will lead to uneven spraying and a really ugly surface.

If you use too much pressure than required, the gun can overheat and shut down for good. So always use the recommended pressure to achieve your desired results.

Handling and Convenience

Convenience is the most significant factor in the purchase decision of any beginner. As mentioned, spray guns are usually meant to be used by a professional, but if the product is convenient and easy to handle, any newbie would love to get their hands on it.

Convenience typically comes from a balanced size-to-weight ratio. We recommend getting a small-sized aluminum gun. The aluminum body will reduce the weight of the gun and make it very convenient to use at most angles.


We have provided you with a list of the eight best automotive paint guns for beginners, but keep in mind this list is by no means exhaustive. Everyone has their comfort level, and someone may find another gun more convenient than any paint gun on our list.

But by going through our rigid rating criteria and buying guide, you can expertly decipher which automotive paint gun will suit your project the most and give you the best result.

Finally, our tips will help you avoid beginner mistakes and have a smooth painting process. Here you can also check out details about spray painting in detail.

 So what are you waiting for now? Buy a gun and give your car its dream look, with these brands that we selected for you. 

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