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“All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind”

Bob Ross

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Does Spray Paint Expire - Can it go Bad Before Expiry Date
Last month I decided to spray paint the new ceramic pots I bought for my Purple Heart plants. Since I already had a can of ice blue spray paint that I purchased 4 years ago, I decided...
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How Long Does it Take the Spray Paint to Dry - Expert Advice
There are so many different types of spray paints that deciding how long you should wait until the surface is ready for the next layer of color can be pretty perplexing. With my help,...
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How To Make Spray Paint Dry Faster - Practical Tips and Tricks
Spray painting is quite an exciting DIY which can quickly transform the appearance of various surfaces and objects. However, handling our spray painting objects would mean we need to...
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Best Time of the Year to Paint Interior - Expert Advice
Excited to paint your house walls? I was too. But back then, I knew very little about paints, especially how the different seasons affected the application process. Now that I know...
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Do I Need Primer for Interior Walls Before Painting
“Practice makes perfect” stands true especially when years of experience are at hand. Painting over the past few years has taught me a great deal, and it is absolutely necessary to...
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How To Apply Waterproof Spray Paint- A Step-by-Step Guide
Poor preparation and paint application can make even the best waterproof spray paint fail at withstanding moisture. As a DIY enthusiast, I can guide you through my research and experience...
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Is Spray Paint Waterproof - Insightful Detailed Guide
Spray paint is probably the easiest way to paint an object, making it a preferred addition in most DIYs. However, many worry if it will last or simply wash away with water. I will help...
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Best Temperature and Humidity for Interior Painting 
Painting your interior could be one of the most exciting projects that you’re taking up to give your house a renovated look. However, factors like temperature and humidity drastically...
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Can You Spray Paint Concrete - 6 Speedy Steps
Concrete is a durable building material, but too much of its gray color can be a bit boring. Luckily, I can help you cover imperfections and spruce up the look of any concrete object,...
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