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“All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind”

Bob Ross

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10 Best Spray Paint Strippers for Metal: Review Guide
Painting can be incredibly fun and rewarding, unless it comes to metal furniture or equipment. Coating a metallic object might not sound very arduous if the piece is new and has never...
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Can You Spray Paint Leather Car Seats - Being On A Budget
Leather car seats are the most durable in terms of appearance and sturdiness. The only downside is that regular wear and tear can make it look faded and old. Fortunately, you can spray...
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How To Spray Paint Car Dashboard - Refresh Your Car’s Interior 
Many people prefer customizing their car’s interior as it adds a personal touch to the vehicle. Some opt for aftermarket interior modification parts which can be expensive, while...
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How To Avoid Spray Paint Nozzle From Clogging
You feel excited and pumped up when you start a new painting project. Unfortunately, this excitement quickly fizzes out when you find that your spray paints won’t work because...
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How To Unclog A Spray Paint Nozzle - 8 Easy And Useful Ways
I love spray paint DIYs because they are easy, fun, and provide excellent results. So, it’s no wonder I have many different spray paints stored away in my garage. However, I realized...
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Do You Need A Primer For Exterior Paint - Some Exciting Facts
Would you like to hear from someone who has spent his fair share of Sunday afternoons painting the exterior of his house? In other words, for exterior painting, I can guide you on which...
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Can You Spray Paint Galvanized Metal- A Detailed Guide
Galvanized metal is a highly durable material, making it an ideal choice for several objects such as car bodies, bicycles, piping, playground equipment, etc. The only downside is that...
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Can You Use Exterior Paint Inside - Here is Why You Shouldn't
I finished painting the outer walls of my house, and now it was time to begin redoing the interior paint. Even though I had ordered a stock of interior paint, I did not want the leftover...
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Can I Use Interior Paint Outside- Read the Details Here
I had some paint left over after painting my living room walls. Awakening the artist inside of me, I decided to give the front wall of my house a new look.It turned out excellent and...
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